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Top 7 Whatsapp Secret Features

Best 7 Whatsapp Secret Features That Almost People Didn’t Know!

Whatsapp Secret Features – When WhatsApp is present, the way we communicate using Smartphones becomes completely transformed.

It used to make a phone call or SMS using a certain rate, and now with the Internet quota capital, WhatsApp can perform all the features in just one application only.

Although it has been a long-established chat app, still many people do not know the hidden features of Whatsapp.

What is that? Here are the 7 Whatsapp Secret features below!

1. Use WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop

For those of you who used to work in front of a PC or laptop, but don’t want to bother back and forth to check WhatsApp message on your smartphone?

This application also provides WhatsApp Web feature that you can access directly using any browser application.

The way is simple! just open the page or install the application on your PC or laptop.

To sign in, just scan the barcode via the WhatsApp app on your smartphone in the Settings menu> Web WhatsApp.

2. Check Mark Blue and Last Seen

Top 7 Whatsapp Secret Features

A chat message in WhatsApp that is sent will now show a blue two check mark to let you know that the message has been received and read.

To disable it you can go to Settings> Account> Privacy> Read receipts unchecked at the bottom.

And for you who want to hide your activity while you open WhatsApp and try to not get caught, you can disable the Last Seen setting.

You can go to the Privacy menu and change the setting of Last Seen to Nobody.

3. Using The Unique Writing

Whatsapp Secret Features

Are you tired of the standard WhatsApp chat? You can also change your writing to unique by using the asterisk (*) code for Bold text, underscore (_) for Italic text and tilde (~) for Strikethrough text.

4. Send Photo With High Resolution

Whatsapp Secret Features

For those who often send files in the form of photos do you know if the images submitted will be reduced in quality and will be somewhat broken when received?

Relax, you can also send the photo with the highest resolution through WhatsApp.

This way you can also use to send document files, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF.

(Simply tap the Attachment icon on the message compose field. Don’t select Gallery icon but select Document icon to send photo or file with the best quality.)

Locate the photo or file in the smartphone directory, then press Send to send it to the recipient.

5. Knowing Someone’s Location

WhatsApp also provides a Live Locations feature to give your friends, girlfriends, or family location in real-time. The trick is tap Attachment icon> Location> Share the location directly.

Next, select the duration of WhatsApp Live Location you want. You can also know the location of someone through WhatsApp in secret by using IP Tracker.

6. Marking Starred Messages

Top 7 Whatsapp Secret Features

For those who have many groups, you must have missed out on reading an important message.

Especially when busy and do not have time to read WhatsApp message. Must be very lazy really to scroll through all the message right?

Simply put, WhatsApp provides a Starred Messaging feature for tagging and storing important messages.

The trick is to keep tap and hold the message you want to save, then hit the star icon in the top bar.

To check back, just tap on the three-dot icon on the WhatsApp app’s homepage and select Starred People.

7. Add Group’s Description

Top 7 Whatsapp Secret Features

Just like any other chat apps, WhatsApp also has group features that can accommodate a number of users.

In addition to changing the group icon and name, WhatsApp now adds a group description.

To add or replace it, you just go to the group information page and tap Add group description. It’s easy.

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That’s 7 WhatsApp secret features that comes with various and capabilities that you may not have known before.

If you want to add any features that are still we don’t know, don’t hesitate to comment below!

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