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A Unique and Quick Way to Find A Lost Phone

Quick Way to Find A Lost Phone

A Quick Way to Find a Lost Phone

Quick Way to Find a Lost Phone – Smartphones today become one of the most important things in life. Because not only as a tool to exist in social media or chat.

Smartphones are also now widely used as a tool to store personal data and work. In fact, now this smartphone is already used for online transaction purposes.

When your smartphone is lost or forget to put it will definitely make you very upset and worried. But today no need to worry anymore, now we will share tips A Quick Way to Find a Lost Phone.

We will give you a unique way to search for your lost smartphone by clapping.

Quick Way to Find A Lost Phone

Step One

Download and install “Clap to Find” on Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

Link Download:
Clap to Find

Step Two

If it is installed, open the Clap to Find application to start setting up to find the lost smartphone with a clap. Don’t forget, give the application permission first.

Step Three

Next stage, applaud three times to make this application recognize your pat.

Step Four

After activation, you will be notified how this application works. When your smartphone screen turns off, your smartphone will sound when you hear three clapping sounds.

Step Five

In the Clap to Find Settings menu, you can manage many other things. Because it automatically turns off in silent mode to adjust its sensitivity.

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That’s a unique way how you can find your lost smartphone. So if you lose your phone, clap your hands.

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