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How to Increase Internet Speed on Android

Speed Up Internet Connection

How to Increase Internet Speed on Android Up to 1000MBps

Increase Internet Speed – Today the internet is very important in people’s lives. Because with the advancing human civilization, then the internet has made dependence for the wearer.

But our internet connection is not always run smoothly, suddenly Internet connections are often very slow and stop suddenly due to weather disturbance. And of course, it is very disturbing our activities and work.

For that problem there is a way to speed up internet connection, you just need to install one special application on your Android phone. That’s how to speed up internet connection on android.

What is that? Let’s discuss below.

Tips to Increase Internet Speed on Android

In order to speed up internet connection on android phone to become faster, then the first step you should do is to install the Smart VPN application.

This application will access servers that have access speeds up to 1000Mbps.

The Excellence of Smart VPN Application

Increase Internet Speed

This application has advantages in the proxy, a proxy that can make your internet so much faster.

You can use apps or streaming and downloading videos with high quality. In addition, VPN applications can also open a blocked site.

You don’t have to worry about not being able to access certain sites. This app can also block ads in both the app and inside the browser.

Like other VPN apps, this app can also keep your security and privacy while surfing.

Download here

How to Use Smart VPN to Speed Up Connection

How To Speed Up Internet On Android

#1. Open the already installed Smart VPN app on your Android phone. this app will automatically detect all available servers. After that will appear pop-up approval, tap Agree.

how to increase internet speed

#2. Then you will go to the main page of this application. To increase internet speed connection, then activate this application with tap icon in the bottom center.

#3. The application will automatically run and connect your smartphone to a server that has access speeds up to 1000mbps. Here you can also choose the server manually.

How To Increase Internet Speed By Changing DNS

If you want a faster connection you can upgrade to premium by collecting up to 30,000 coins.

This coin can be obtained in several ways. That is, you can share this app, rate it, watch ads, and use this app every day.

With Premium features, you can access more features with many advantages. One of them is access server with a super speed of speeding.

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That is how to increase internet speed connection in android phone. This app is free so you can try it from now on!

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