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How to increase Android RAM Without ROOT

Increase Android RAM Without Root

Tips to increase Android RAM Without ROOT (Easy Method!)

Increase Android RAM without ROOT – Sometimes RAM in Android smartphones is very limited because that’s what determines the speed of the processor.

The larger the RAM, then the multitasking activity on your Android smartphone will feel smoothly without any obstacles.

However, not all Android smartphones have a large RAM capacity. Most of the Android smartphones produced today rely on 1-2 GB of RAM.

RAM sometimes quickly run out when we often do multitasking.

And to anticipate it, you can add Android RAM by using an application called Greenify. Greenify is a useful app to clean up Android apps or games that are not being used.

In that way, Android RAM will be freer than before.

How to increase Android RAM Without ROOT

How to increase Android RAM without ROOT?

With “Greenify everything can be used on any rooted or unrooted smartphone, but Greenify will run more if your Android has been rooted.”

It should be noted, adding RAM on Android in this way will increase the remaining RAM used on your Android. Not to add RAM on a large scale.

Here’s how to increase Android RAM without root with Greenify.


Xposed Installer

These are the steps to add Android RAM with Greenify.

  1. First stage Open Xposed then go to the Framework tab and select Install / Update. Then Reboots / Restart your Android.
  2. If you have already restarted, go to Modules tab then check Greenify. After that, restart or reboot your Android again.
  3. After that, open Greenify then selects Experimental features. Change Working Mode to Boost. Check also Keep Notifications, Wake-up Tracker & Cutoff and Block App State Abuse.
  4. All you need to do now is hibernate all the old unused apps. Then go back to the start menu, then select the + sign and choose which app or game you want to hibernate.

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That’s how to use Greenify to increase your smartphone’s RAM. By way of above, we hope can help to add smoothness to your smartphone. Good luck!

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