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GOTCHA Best Chatting Application from Indonesia that is predicted to be popular soon and becomes a Unicorn.

Best Chatting Application

Gotcha Best Chatting Application – The Gotcha application has recently been officially launched in Indonesia, the application under the auspices of Prime Media Cemerlang which was just initiated in June 2019 by its owner.

And aims to facilitate its users to communicate and interact with fellow users both from Indonesia itself and other countries, and the great thing is that only a few days after the release Gotcha has got 500+ downloads.

Gotcha application is also very concerned about the look and content, it is evident that the Chat Application is a very smooth and fresh look.

And the most important thing is that this Application also pays attention to the security and comfort of its users from matters relating to pornography and porno-action.

So this is what makes the user feel very comfortable playing it for a long time, that’s why many experts and startup observers predict that Gotcha will successfully compete with Chat and Dating Applications such as

MiChat, WeChat, and Tantan from other countries that have already existed as chat and dating application that has known in various countries.

In Indonesia alone, Millennials are very fond of this kind of application like this, that’s what makes the Gotcha Application finally become part of the Application with a new, capable stance.

Based on our observations, Gotcha does have a feature that looks much fresher because it uses a unique and friendly design to use.

This is why many users or users are attracted and busy downloading it on the Google Play Store.

For that, let’s just discuss the features and advantages of Gotcha below:

Gotcha Features – Best Chatting Application

Best Chatting Application

1. Friendly Search Features

Maybe there are some people who question what is special and how different this feature is compared to other application features.

For features available in the Gotcha, this app has three columns with cute cartoon illustrations, that are:

“Date” for looking new boyfriend or girlfriend, “Friends” search column and “Old Friend” search column for searching your long-lost friends.

So you just can choose one of these columns according to its function and your needs.

2. Chat Feature with Fresh Look

For the chat feature, you can use it more easily and make you comfortable chatting with your friends for a long time.

This is because Gotcha has a soft and fresh look, and you can exchange cute stickers and send them with the send button which also uses cute cartoon character!

3. Found Friends Feature

This feature is very favorite. Because of the features that are liked by these users, it can automatically detect the presence of friends, acquaintances or your family if they are in the same location as you,

And Gotcha will give notifications in the form of pop up along with the sound.

Not only that, on the contrary, you can also see their profile first or choose to eliminate your presence so that it is not detected by them, Awesome isn’t?

4. Gallery Feature

In this feature, you can save all your best photo or video collections that can be seen by friends or other people, they can also comment and like your posts.

You can share it via chat with all your friends and even share it with other apps!

5. Map Feature

By using this feature, users can see other users in real-time positions where they are based on maps, so this helps users to easily see the location and distance of the user.

6. Notification Feature

This feature also has a cool appearance with a different color that will notify the user of all other fellow users’ activities such as notification comments, likes, added friends, etc.

That’s Why This is Best Chatting Application!

Those are the features above are some of the features owned by Gotcha – Chat Application.

For other features, it would be nice if you directly download and install it yourself on the Google Play Store so you can feel the function of the feature yourself.

Download: Gotcha – Chat, Dating & Meet

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Before we finish discussing the Gotcha Application, we are given a little leak about this application in the future by Prime Media Cemerlang.

As a developer, Gotcha will be added with a new feature that is far more sophisticated and spoils its users as their update.

So please netizens just download the application and help support Gotcha, said the CoFounder closed the conversation, of course, this made us as users become impatient.

Ok, guys, that’s the discussion about this best chatting application.

Hopefully, for everyone who’s waiting and are still curious about the Gotcha Application – Chat, Dating and Meet can be immediately cured.