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Best Video Editing Software in 2018

Best Video Editing Software In 2018

Top 10 Best Video Editing Software In 2018  for Windows

Best Video Editing Software In 2018 – We all know all smartphones by 2018 already have sophisticated features and have a camera with a large megapixel.

With today’s camera smartphones, we’ve used it like to record many special moments or become YouTuber.

We can also see the great YouTuber works that have been circulating.

In addition to the smartphone as a recording tool, you also need the best video editing software to turn some of your videos into one clean, creative and awesome video.

Therefore, we will discuss the 10 Best Video Editing Software In 2018 that will help you make good videos.

Let’s look at the list:

#10 – Windows Movie Maker

Best Video Editing Software Free

Who doesn’t know with this software? one of the video editing software made by Microsoft and made exclusively for Windows PC.

This is a very basic software for video editing with features that are practically limited.

You can only give a few simple touches. Even so, because the ease is very suitable for beginners.

Price: Free

#9 – Nero Video 2017

Best Professional Video Editing Software

Nero Video 2017 is an inexpensive video editing software with plenty of effects and solid file-type support.

This software gives us a lot of features like various video effects, good audio tools, and 4K resolution.

But please note, just don’t expect fast rendering or all the tools found in this software.

Price: $50

#8 – AVS Video Editor

Best Video Editing Software For Mac

Next is AVS Video Editor software that is the best PC video editing application.

This software is easy to use and has a feature that is very complete and useful for video editing process than Corel VideoStudio and Adobe Premiere which license price is expensive.

This software also has a small enough file size. However, the features presented are not complete enough.

The advantage of this video editing software is the use of video cache technology so that the Full-HD video editing process can run more smoothly and quickly.

If you want to make edits, there is a Timeline option that will separate edits between video, effects, text, and audio.

You can trim, crop, and merge multiple effects and make it a full video file.

Price: Free

#7 – Wondershare Filmora

Best Video Editing Software For Windows

Wondershare Filmora offers the standard transitions, overlays, trimming, and effects you can expect in this kind of software.

Filmora can make your job done quickly, but only if you can make the videos you want with the features it offers.

This software gives us a free trial at first if you want more full features you can buy the full version of it.

Price: $60

#6 – VirtualDub

Best Video Editing Software For Beginners

This software is a free video editing application on PC for Windows platform. This software is also very simple and can be regarded as a video maker and also can be regarded as a video editor.

The reason, VirtualDub have a feature to record images on the computer screen. You can save videos you have created or edit with AVI format.

Not only that, there are still features like delete and replace audio from the video you want, can give effect blur, sharpen, and others.

Price: Free

#5 – Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium

Best Video Editing Software For Youtube

When a lot of people think of video editing software, they usually think of Adobe, Apple, maybe Corel, and possibly CyberLink.

But according to people in Europe, Germany’s Magix has been a leader in the field for over two decades.

This software incorporates full stable features, such as motion tracking, headline creation, cam-action templates, beat-based editing, and hardware acceleration.

It has decent features as the best video editing tool in 2018, but its application still follows other software competitions in organizational tools and overall usability.

Price: $80

#4 – Adobe Premiere Elements

Professional Video Editing Software Free

Adobe Premiere Elements is the best cross-platform consumer video app for less than $ 100 for the last two years.

Based on its ease of use, the multitude of pro-level features and smart asset managers – not to mention their compatibility with Macs and PCs. And it continues this year.

New additions to Premiere Elements, such as smart social networking features, promise to keep the Adobe program secure on that pedestal, despite some disturbing issues that appear in the new version.

Price: $70

#3 – Cyberlink PowerDirector

Anyone taking pictures and recording with a new 360-degree video camera should feel pumped about the latest version of the PowerDirector CyberLink video editing package.

PowerDirector 16 trains laser focus to edit the 360-degree tape of this growing consumer camera genre and provides us with this easy-to-go and advanced post-processing tool.

Price: $100

#2 – Corel Video Studio Ultimate

Free Video Editing Software For Windows 7

Corel VideoStudio always unlimited innovations in home video technology, such as 3D, 4K, or VR 360 degree video, and the video editing software you want to use is always up-to-date.

Corel Video Studio 2018 has great features

software as one of several consumer video editing programs that can work with VR 360 degree video.

Price: $80

#1 – Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Best Video Editing Software 2018

Finally the last one,

Adobe Premiere Pro CC has made minor improvements from previous versions.

Including the ability to view fonts and edit motion graphics templates created in After Effects.

And there are also eight new label colors to help your clip have a more organized mark.

But shared project controls, extended VR support and the ability to load multiple projects are new features of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 that are most helpful.

Premiere Pro CC 2018 is easier to use for everyone including a beginner.

And is now a serious competitor to create 360-degree video content

Price: $135

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That’s all the top 10 Best Video Editing Software In 2018!

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