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Best Camera Apps to Support RAW Format on Android

Best Camera Apps to Support RAW format

5 Camera Apps to Support RAW Format on Android

Best Camera Apps to Support RAW format – In this era of modern smartphones, today is an absolute possession and must be equipped with a camera with the ability to produce images with RAW format.

As already known the results of images with RAW format has more advantages when it will be processed, compared to JPEG format.

However, not all Android smartphones equipped with a camera capable of taking photos with RAW format.

Here are 5 Best Camera Apps to Support RAW format

Why smartphone is not much provided with this capability, because RAW format requires a lot of space to store it.

other than that because the eyes of ordinary users will feel the image with JPEG format was good enough.

1. AZ Camera – Pro Cam Manual

AZ Camera - Pro Cam Manual

This application provides manual settings to get maximum image results. The difference is the AZ Camera provides features RAW images for free.

However, by upgrading to the Pro version via apps, you can get unlimited feature video recording, live histogram, and so forth.

Download Here

2. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5

With Camera FV-5, you will be exposed to a control surface that looks like a DSLR camera. By using this application, you will find the camera’s manual control.

Unlike the Camera 360 app that provides plenty of easy shooting modes, the FV-5 Camera only provides manual setting options, allowing you more flexibility in organizing it to produce good photos.

There are 2 versions of this app, namely Lite and Pro for $0.35, -. In Pro version, you will get a feature that allows you to produce images in RAW format.

Download Here

3. A Better Camera

A Better Camera

Admittedly, A Better Camera is the best camera app on Android. This camera application provides a variety of retrieval modes that you can use as needed.

Although there is a free version available, with paying Pro version, you will get many additional features. only RAW image feature only supports multiple devices.

Beyond that, A Better Camera is highly recommended for use thanks to modes like Pre-shot, HDR +, Night Mode, high-res panoramas, object removal, and so forth.

Download Here

4. Mi2raw


The next application is Mi2raw which really works well to produce RAW photos.

This app is free, but unfortunately only some Android devices that support it, such as Xiaomi Mi2, Mi3, LG G2, and OnePlus One.

If your smartphone is not supported, it’s better not to install it, because it will not open.

5. Manual Camera

Manual Camera

This application is similar to application number 1 and 2, but as the name implies this application will give you experience in using manual mode camera.

So you will be faced with a control display like on DSLR cameras.

However, this application is also the same as the numbers 3 and 4, where this application only supports the devices that support it.

Download Here

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That’s all the Best Camera Apps to Support RAW format if you want to check your smartphone supports Manual Camera or not, you can install Manual Camera Compatibility.

Results of images with RAW format can be spelled out as a pure file, so later you can save and process it according to the will in the future.

Remember the time of the movie? Maybe you know the cliché / negative of an important photo in order to be printed again, again, and again.

Well RAW files can be assumed as cliché / negative of a photo. So make every photo and moment important in your daily life using RAW files!

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Best Camera Apps to Support RAW format
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