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Top 7 Whatsapp Secret Features

Best 7 Whatsapp Secret Features That Almost People Didn't Know! Whatsapp Secret Features - When WhatsApp is present, the way we communicate using Smartphones becomes completely transformed. It used to make a phone call or SMS using a certain rate, and now with the Internet quota capital, WhatsApp can perform all the

Top 6 Apps For Watching Android TV

Apps for Watching Android tv

5 Recommendation Apps for watching Android TV Apps for watching Android TV - Watching TV now is not as difficult as it used to be, let alone for workers who spend more than 12 hours outdoors. Without the TV they can still be entertained by a smartphone or tablet. Even arriving at

How to Resize Photo Size Without Photoshop

Resize Photo Size Without Photoshop

How to resize a photo without Photoshop Resize photo size without photoshop - Have you ever wanted to upload a photo with a large size and take a long time, it's because the average smartphone camera now has a large megapixel camera. Because a large megapixel will make the image size too

Best Camera Apps to Support RAW Format on Android

Best Camera Apps to Support RAW format

5 Camera Apps to Support RAW Format on Android Best Camera Apps to Support RAW format - In this era of modern smartphones, today is an absolute possession and must be equipped with a camera with the ability to produce images with RAW format. As already known the results of images with RAW

How to Get More Snapchat Followers in 2018

Get Your First 1000 - 2000 Snapchat Followers Within 20 Days! A lot of people who using snapchat has tried so hard to get big on Snapchat and found it very difficult to grow their audience and a lot of us always wanted to find easier ways to get more friends

Facebook Auto Share – Make Your Post Viral!

Facebook Auto Post

Facebook Auto Share (Updated May 2018) - Have you ever wondering how to make your facebook post viral? therefore, thanks to us! we will make your post viral and increase your post with organic reach. You can now auto share your post with our Facebook auto share, automatically without any hardwork. How Does This

Facebook Page Liker – Best of 2018!

Facebook Page Liker

Facebook Page Liker (Updated May 2018) Welcome to, for those who struggling finding more followers and fans to your facebook page, today... you're no need to struggling anymore. Because we have the Facebook Page Liker to help you to gain more followers and fans to your facebook fan page. Does Facebook Page

Clash Royale Hack (Updated)

Clash Royale Generator

Clash Royale Hack We all know that Clash Royale is #1 mobile game on both iOS and Android. so of course, a high demand from our member asking for a Clash Royale Hack (Updated). The question might be, why? Clash Royale is a free-to-download game, but it does contain in-app purchases