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Top 6 Apps For Watching Android TV

Apps for Watching Android tv

5 Recommendation Apps for watching Android TV

Apps for watching Android TV – Watching TV now is not as difficult as it used to be, let alone for workers who spend more than 12 hours outdoors.

Without the TV they can still be entertained by a smartphone or tablet. Even arriving at home too they will remain busy with their gadgets.

But if you’re following a serial series that requires you to sit in front of the TV but don’t have much time, now you can download the application below.

Here are 5 best Android apps for watching Android TV without having to turn on the TV first.

1. Netflix

Top 6 Apps For Watching Android TV

There is no doubt about this one TV app. It’s so popular because it provides lots of quality shows, with this application you can watch various shows whenever and wherever you’re.

By subscribing to Netflix you will be able to access hundreds of selected TV shows from different networks.

Don’t miss too because there are many original TV series from Netflix like House of Cards, Marvel’s DareDevil, Marco Polo, and others.

So you are advised to quickly subscribe to Netflix and be able to enjoy various other TV shows.

Link Download:

2. DirectTV

Best Apps for Android TV

The official app from DIRECTV is for everyone who has subscribed to the all TV Provider.

DIRECTV allows you to stream anywhere, any entertainment is provided including TV shows like ABC, AMC, NBC, FOX, even premium content like HBO.

Don’t forget, you must subscribe to DIRECTV before using this app.


Best Android TV Apps Free

For fans of Game Of Thrones, True Blood, and Boardwalk Empire, surely you already know this premium channel called HBO GO?

One of the best-selling blockbuster channels for presenting premium and high-quality event shows.

When the show you follow is missed because of other activities, you will be disappointed.

For that, you have to download HBO GO, so you won’t miss your favorite spectacle even though you no longer sit in front of the TV.

This app can be downloaded on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Link Download:

4. WatchABC

Free TV Apps For Android

ABC TV is an app that is also quite popular. if you want to watch ABC Family TV series anywhere and anytime but you are hindered due to school/ college/work?

Easy! Download the WatchABC app. This app is the official ABC Family app.

It will provide movies and TV shows from the ABC program.

Link Download:
Watch ABC


Best Streaming Application For Android

If you have subscribed to XFINITY TV, of course, you should immediately submit this application on your Android smartphone.

XFINITY TV Go app can help you watch TV shows you love anywhere and anytime, including premium channels like HBO.

Just like the others, you must subscribe to this TV content first to access its shows.

Link Download:
XFinity TV GO

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That’s our top 5 recommendation apps for watching Android TV, choose which one suits your taste. Please download and enjoy all your favorite shows!

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