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Ways to Improve Your Smartphone Signal

how to increase mobile network signal in home

Best Ways to Improve Your Smartphone Signal

Ways to Improve Your Smartphone Signal – If you are busy calling someone and are talking about the important thing, surely you will be very annoyed if suddenly the voice of your smartphone is broken and hard to get a signal.

What’s more, if you’re browsing, playing social media, and playing online games, that would be very annoying.

And for those of you who experience such a miserable thing, you should try some ways to strengthen your smartphone signal.

We’ll share the best ways to improve your smartphone signal.

1. Try to Charge Your Smartphone Battery

Ways to Improve Your Smartphone Signal

Don’t forget to charge your smartphone if the battery indicator indicates the battery is in critical condition.

There are some smartphones that will go into battery saving mode if the power on your smartphone is running low.

With this battery-saving Mode system that will disconnect your network connection to allow the battery to last longer.

Because the battery is running out, of course, will affect the performance including signals on your smartphone.

2. Try to Open Your Window

If you happen to be at home, try opening a window at home. Because, sometimes the signal is difficult to get into the building because it is blocked by objects, such as glass and metal.

Or you can use a smartphone near your windows so that the signal gets better.

3. Don’t Block The Smartphone Antenna

cell phone signal boosters

The next way is to try to open your smartphone case. Because there are some casing that even makes your smartphone difficult to catch the signal. Usually, this casing is made of metal.

4. Try to Turn Off and On Airplane Mode

how to improve mobile signal strength

Try to activate Airplane Mode in a few moments, then disable it again.

In this way, your smartphone will refresh your network connection and try to find a signal transmitter closer to a better network.

5. Update Your Carrier Software

how to boost cell phone signal strength

Normally, you will receive a message from your mobile operator to update the software. The update is what tells your phone what tower to connect to.

Ideally, you should always update your mobile operator’s software to keep the signal strong.

But if you have not received a notice to update, please follow the instructions for your iOS or Android smartphone.

6. Reorganize Your Surroundings

how to increase mobile network signal in home

By changing your workspace or decoration settings, make sure there are no items such as refrigerators, iron decorations, and other solid objects that block your signal.

Changing the decoration settings is helpful to improve your smartphone signal.

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That’s the 6 Ways to Improve Your Smartphone Signal, hope it really helpful and working. Good luck!

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