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How to Resize Photo Size Without Photoshop

Resize Photo Size Without Photoshop

How to resize a photo without Photoshop

Resize photo size without photoshop – Have you ever wanted to upload a photo with a large size and take a long time, it’s because the average smartphone camera now has a large megapixel camera.

Because a large megapixel will make the image size too big. Some of you may have trouble while sending or printing images.

Then how to resize it?, here’s the solution.

How to Resize Photo Size Without Photoshop

If you use a DSLR or mirrorless camera, this way you should know. Because generally on every camera, once the photo alone can reach the size of 20MB!

With 100 photos alone it has reached 2GB. And of course, it will greatly drain your hard drive capacity.

This way you can change it from 20MB to 500KB only. How do I do it? just follow these simple steps.

Step One

You must Download and install the latest version of the “Image Resizer” app. You can download and install the links we provide below.

Link Download:
Image Resizer For Windows 3.3

Step Two

How to Resize a Photo

Then immediately open File Explorer, then go to the photo folder you want to resize. make sure you also have a backup of these photos, just in case.

Step Three

after that “Block” on all the photos you want to resize. “Right click” on the mouse, then select the application menu you just installed called “Resize Image“.

Step Four

How to resize a photo without Photoshop

Make sure you see the image quality first. Because the smaller the size, of course the picture will be less good. for that we recommend select “Large 1920×1080 pixels”.

Step Five

How to resize a photo without Photoshop

Then make sure you check “Resize Original Picture” and “Ignore Image Orientation”. End by click “Resize”.

Step Six

And finally, you are done! You just need to “Block” the photo you want to resize, then “Right click” and click “Resize”. Easy is not it? It does not take much time! That’s how to Resize Photo Size Without Photoshop

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That’s how to resize photos without Photoshop. In addition to using the quality options provided, you can also customize the desired quality. very easy anyway. Good luck!

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