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How to Spy Your Partner Whatsapp Chat

How to Spy Your Partner Whatsapp Chat

This is How to Spy Your Partner Whatsapp Chat

How to Spy Your Partner Whatsapp Chat – WhatsApp is famous as a chat app in the world that is quite easy and fun to use. Especially with the many interesting features provided.

With interesting chat apps like WhatsApp. Whatsapp has become one place for anyone to connect with.

But many also use it as a means of negative relationships. For example, many people actually hold suspicions on their partner who is suspected of having an affair with someone else.

Unfortunately, they are not allowed to check out WhatsApp boyfriend or girlfriend’s app for privacy reasons.

Preparation (Using AirDroid) How to Spy Your Partner Whatsapp Chat

For this, you need to prepare a computer or laptop device, as well as some important applications that must exist. The applications in question are AirDroid, AirDroid Desktop and Application Hider.

And which is not less important is you need to borrow your partner’s Android smartphone.

Because If you already know what devices and applications you need, you can immediately find out how to implement it by following the steps below.

Step One

How to Spy Your Girlfriend's Whatsapp Chat

All girlfriend or boyfriend information is now in your hand. But first, you need to do is install the AirDroid app.

Don’t forget to install Application Hider application that will function to hide AirDroid application so that your partner is not suspicious.

Link Download:

• AirDroid
AirDroid (For Desktop)
Application Hider

Step Two


You must install the AirDroid Desktop app on your PC or laptop. PC or laptop that you will later use to accommodate WhatsApp boyfriend or girlfriend results.

Step Three

AirDroid Sign in

Start with registration using an email address, Facebook or Google account into the AirDroid app. The same thing you do on AirDroid Desktop version.

And don’t forget the account you use on those two devices is the same account.

Step Four

Spy on Someone Chat

After that select Tools menu and select Notify Desktop option.

Step Five

Peep Chat

Then select Enable and immediately enable notification access for AirDroid Notification Mirror feature.

Step Six

Chat Tapped

Go directly to your PC or laptop device, and you will see the main view of AirDroid Desktop after you register.

By using the same account, your girlfriend’s smartphone is automatically connected to your PC / laptop and you can see it in the My devices field.

Step Seven

Chat Tapped

It’ll start automatically when everything is finished. You do not need to be afraid anymore whenever your partner receives new Whatsapp messages.

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Finally, you can read all WhatsApp messages that go in your boyfriend or girlfriend’s smartphone without him/her realizing that WhatsApp has been tapped.

That’s how to tap your partner’s WhatsApp easily and without getting caught. if you want to use it please use it for a good purpose only.

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