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Best Health Applications in 2018 on Android

Best Health Applications in 2018

The Best Health Applications in 2018

Best Health Applications in 2018 – Healthy living is the best gift we can feel, because with a healthy life then every activity that we can do easily.

Especially now healthy life can be easily applied to growing technology, one of them you can get health information from your smartphone.

For health observers, now many applications found in health applications on Android. Try installing some of these applications to keep your health in a practical, easy and economical way.

Best Health Applications in 2018 on Android

Want to keep health with your doctor or consult but do not have spare time? Try installing some best health applications in 2018 on this android for your health by

1. Nike BOOM

Best Health Applications in 2018

If you want to exercise but not supported with strong intentions Well, this is always a major problem, if this is done continuously it can be a bad habit for you.

Try installing this Nike Boom app on your smartphone.

In this health application, you will get the passion with music. and also you will be guided by the existing athletes. Doesn’t this sound very fun?

2. Lifesum

Free Health Apps

Lifesum is an application that makes sports and diets combined into one. This application offers the users a basic guide to follow easily.

This app will ask for some information about you like your gender, height, weight and fitness goals you want to achieve.

This app gives everyone advice and personal recommendations from that info. This is one of the most recommended health applications.

But Lifesum is required to subscribe by paying it in front with three, six, or a year subscriptions.

3. Calorie Counter

If you’ve ever been concerned about caloric intake in your body, it’s a sign that you sometimes have to check your calorie content.

Sometimes too much calorie intake will make your weight unbalanced which causes weight gain and trigger the onset of obesity.

Please install this application as your friend in calculating your caloric intake and maintain your weight.

In this app there is also a calendar diet, the number of calories burned, calendars and calorie intake is very useful.

4. Fooducate

Best Fitness Apps 2018

With 250,000 meals to compare, Fooducate makes this app one of the best nutrition health applications in 2018.

This app gives you a comparison of foods for you, so you can easily understand which foods are good and which foods are bad for your body to eat.

Fooducate also features for a fellow community to interact, some of the features applied can be used for free, but to use all the features you complete you are required to pay.

5. iTriage Health Application

Best Fitness Apps For Iphone

With this application, you can make a diagnosis of the symptoms of the disease experienced. This app also comes with a very interesting look because it contains many very good pictures.

6. MyTrainer Dasi

Fitness App Android 2018

One of the great and rare health applications is MyTrainer Dasi. This app is the same as Lifesum that needs information about you.

What makes this app different from Lifesum is this totally free app does not require any subscriptions.

7. GPS Trails Backpacker

Top 10 Health Apps

Applications for you who love running sport, don’t forget This app input to improve your running sport becomes more effective.

Through this health application, you can track the desired path. besides, through this app, you can record track your own running.

So, from day to day you will be more eager to break the record that runs the previous day.

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Those are some of the health applications you need to download if you want to live healthily. In addition to communication and social networking, a smartphone is beneficial to health, isn’t it?

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