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Best Apps to Block Unwanted Calls and SMS

Apps To Block Unwanted Calls And Sms

Best 5 Apps to Block Unwanted Calls and SMS

Apps to Block Unwanted Calls and SMS – Do you often get calls from strangers continuously? Unknown incoming SMS that is not clear from certain services.

If you experience that and feel annoyed, here’s the solution.

1. Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

Apps to block unwanted calls and sms

This app allows you to quickly block calls and SMS from numbers you do not want or unknown.

Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker is also equipped with features to prevent interference from telemarketing, spam, and a robocall.

Here are the excellent features of Blacklist Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker:

  • Enable and disable blocking with one click.
  • Can block numbers manually or from contact lists, call logs, and message logs.
  • You can also set the schedule, from what time of the hour to what time and any day.
  • Create a whitelist, so the numbers in this list will never be blocked.
  • You can also get notifications about incoming calls and blocked SMS.

Link Download:
Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

2. Truecaller – Caller ID & Block

Not only can you block incoming calls and SMS, with Truecaller you can even identify who the callers are calling you.

To enable the blocking feature, the trick is to open the Truecaller app, select the blocking tab, and enable it.

This way all phone calls from telemarketers and invisible calls reported as spam will be automatically blocked. You can also participate reporting phone numbers that you consider to be spam.

Another advantage of this application is:

  • This app has a database of spam and telemarketers numbers.
  • Can find out the identity of the caller.
  • Displays info from incoming calls even if they are not in contacts.

Link Download:

3. Call Blocker Free Blacklist

Best Free Call Blocker App For Android

The developer who issued this app is NQ Mobile Security, this app can prevent unwanted calls and text messages that annoy you.

Free Blacklist Call Blocker app is very battery-saving, consumes only a small battery usage of your smartphone.

The excellent feature of Call Blocker Free Blacklist:

  • With this app, you can create blacklists manually or by adding them directly from phone contacts, call history or text messages recently.
  • You can also create whitelists from phone numbers that you consider important.
  • Offers several blocking modes to control its features as per your requirements.
  • Prevent fraud by detecting phone calls spam or telemarketers.

Link Download:
Call Blocker Free BlacklistTrueCaller

4. TrueMessenger

The next app is the Truemessenger app deliberately created to block text messages from the Truecaller maker.

This app will help you enjoy the mobile experience without annoying messages from anyone, including telemarketers, spammers, and other message bots.

  • Identifies the sender of the message, even if it is not in your contact list.
  • Allows blocking SMS from certain numbers and contacts.
  • Identify and block spamming, fraudulent, and other irritating SMS in accordance with user feedback.
  • Lets you report an individual number as spam.

Link Download:

5. PhoneApp (By Google)

Call And Text Blocker

This Google-made app has a clean and simple interface. This app offers features such as spam protection, display caller ID and call blocking to give you a great experience in making and receiving calls.

  • Block and report spam calls from fraudsters, telemarketers or annoying numbers.
  • Shows info like their business name and location on incoming calls on screen.

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That’s the 5 best Apps to Block Unwanted Calls and SMS. Whether it’s spammers, telemarketers, or annoying people. Good luck.

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