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Facebook Auto Share – Make Your Post Viral!

Facebook Auto Post

Facebook Auto Share (Updated May 2018) – Have you ever wondering how to make your facebook post viral? therefore, thanks to us! we will make your post viral and increase your post with organic reach.

You can now auto share your post with our Facebook auto share, automatically without any hardwork.

How Does This Work?

With our tool, we will make your Facebook post viral. we will share with our hundred of Facebook accounts to boost your business and marketing, or maybe if you want to make yourself become famous!

But, Is This Safe?

Don’t ever worry about that, your Facebook account is totally safe. why are we so sure about this?

Because we are using aged and verified facebook account so that’s a way to prevent your Facebook get banned.


Facebook Auto Share

Facebook Auto Share

How to Use:

  1. Open this link: Facebook Auto Post Share
  2. Enter your Facebook name or Facebook page ID.
  3. To find Page ID (Skip these steps if you already know it):
    1. Go to your page
    2. Click ” Settings ”
    3. Click ” Page Info ”
    4. you can see ” Facebook Page ID “
  4. Select the country you want to get shares from, if you’re not unsure please choose worldwide.
  5. Enter your facebook post URL you want to share, please read below if you don’t know how to get your URL post.
  6. Choose the amount shares for your post to make it viral, please note this only up to 500 shares but you can use it again anytime.
  7. Click the button ” Share Now! ” and you’re set!

How do I get the URL of a Facebook post?

Just click on the “date” of the post. For example, on every post, there is the date, like “9 November” — that contains a link. Click the date, and voila, the url of the post appears. copy the url link from there as usual.

The Benefits of Using Facebook Auto Share:

  • Unlimited shares – you can share your post anytime, there’s no limited times of usage.
  • Daily updated – we always maintain our server to keep FAS works.
  • Works on every platform – you can use on iOS, Android and PC.
  • Boost your business and marketing – or even you want to make your post become viral.
  • 100% Safe, Secure, and Free – You don’t need to worry about viruses, your data, and it’s totally free!

Facebook Auto Share

We will maintain the daily shares per day, and will be delivered max 7 days. this is to prevent facebook to banned your facebook account. So we carefully maintain it for you.

We’re 100% Trusted and safe, please don’t hesitate to use our tool and share to your friends, if you have any request please send it to our email, We’ll be glad to hear it from you

Please support us by sharing this to your friends or family, thank you!


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